A note from Brian Eavey:

“This was one of those special days, the water was glassy, the wind was calm, and the sun was out. A day you don’t normally see on such big water. We sent the drone up to look around and saw a giant school of Smallmouth Bass swimming around. These are those Smallmouth you show all of your buddies pictures on your phone… We were not prepared to try and catch fish in that shallow of water, we tried but couldn’t fool these fish. With the water being at most 2 feet deep, and having a different approach we would have had some success catching these fish; but that’s what makes everything worthwhile, learning how these fish think and studying their movement.”

This Week’s Reel of the Week segment from Brian Eavey, check out his Instagram @brianeavey_photo. Check out Brian’s photography on his website here. 

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