A note from Joseph Evans:

“My best buddy @funky_fly_guy and I were fishing for some aggressive winter rainbows with streamers. Bradley had snagged, than lost fly after fly in a short time span. Therefore when we re-tied yet again, Bradley had a fish take his fly and on the hook set, it came flying out of the air into a tree behind us.

I was certain we wouldn’t lose yet another fly, so I began climbing the tree. Bradley started videoing because I was hanging upside down, and a gut feeling of disaster existed. Sure enough, the tree was dead as could be and the large branch broke. I fell right into a pile of brush and more deadwood that actually cushioned my fall. We dug through every branch and didn’t end up finding the fly…”

Be sure to check out Joseph Evans (@idaaflyy) and Bradley Funkhouser (@funky_fly_guy) on Instagram. 

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