A note from Kieran Hoffman:

“We started out the morning before the sun was up on a spot we know would hold Tarpon. As soon as we showed up we could hear fish gulping air and started to see them roll around the boat. We struggled to get a perfect shot, where Tarpon were in range, rolling in the right direction. After an hour of waiting for the right shot it finally happened. A few fish rolled coming right towards the boat. I set the fly 8 feet in front of the Tarpon and gave it 4-5 seconds to sink down and get into the zone. After a few short strips, I came tight and it was game on!”


POV: Hooking into a tarpon with @Kieran Alex Hoffmann. Stay tuned for more of this fight…. #flylords #flyfishing #tarpon #MakeNightsEpic

♬ original sound – Flylords


For more tips and tricks to land tarpon on the fly, check out the article below:

5 Tips for Landing Your First Tarpon


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