A note from Rowan Lytle:

“Fishing a northern Connecticut lake after a cold late winter night, I noticed a bunch of brook trout and a few rainbows lazily cruising in shallow water under a thin layer of ice. The fish in the adjacent deeper water had been gung-ho enough and I’d caught plenty so I decided to see if these ones might be fired up enough to chase a fly skating across the ice.

I’ve had success catching pickerel doing something similar so the idea of fish keying on something running on the ice wasn’t too foreign. Sure enough they were all over it. Other anglers came and went while I just messed around with those fish, laughing like a lunatic. The looks I got from those other anglers might have made me think I’d grown a second head. Little did they know the whacky unusual ice-skating mouse bite was on! Trout smacking a mouse through ice certainly isn’t something you see very day, but it is fascinating seeing fish try and break through the ice to attack your fly!”

This week’s segment of the Reel of the Week is from Rowan Lytle, follow him on Instagram at @ct.fly.angler. 

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