A note from Pablo Saracco:

“Mike and I were filming and fly fishing the Barrancoso River, the world famous stretch off of Jurassic Lake located in southern Argentina. In November it’s pretty usual to find a lot of fish in the river, eager to take buoyant surface flies. Even when they usually aren’t feeding on adult insects, it is quite possible for them to go up for a big attractor fly, in this case, we fished a big attractor dropper nymph. This was Mike’s first time fishing the Barrancoso River, something he will always remember. He couldn’t believe it when after a few short casts, a monster rainbow came up slowly and took the fly right in front of him. That day we had the chance to fish and film a lot of takes like this to a number of pure “jurassic” fish. We both fished with dry flies and nymph patterns all day; something that what all of us who love fly fish call “heaven” when you see a monster physically eat your fly…”

This week’s Reel of the Week from Pablo Saracco fishing southern Argentina’s Estancia Laguna Verde, find him on Instagram @pablosaracco. 

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