A note from Chase Smith:

“We were deep in the Louisiana marshes using Google Maps to navigate when we found a bay system that had redfish stacked in the shallow lakes. Robby could see this forty inch redfish tailing before we even came around the bend. Robby and I had plenty of time to get the drone overhead; my dad was poling a skiff for the first time ever so he eased us towards the fish in a slow zig zag pattern.

The seven weight rod in Robby’s hand seemed woefully underpowered once we could see the wide shoulders on the feeding redfish; however, Robby laid his cast out nonetheless. On the second cast, the redfish engulfed the fly just as we thought it would be spooked by the boat. A few minutes into the fight, Robby vowed never to use a seven weigh for these fish again. Thanks to some heavy tippet and a tight drag, we landed the fish a short while later and watched it swim away with memories.”

Reel of the Week from Chase Smith, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @fishchaseflies. 

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