QuietKat Electric Bikes, the leader in off-road eBikes and a Vista Outdoor Inc. brand, is proud to announce the release of a brand new eBike model, the Ibex available now; only at www.QuietKat.com. The new Ibex represents the latest in full-suspension electric bicycles from the leader in off-road eBikes for hunting, fishing, camping, overlanding, and tactical applications.

The Ibex is the most sure-footed creature roaming the high-alpine terrain. Able to scale the steepest mountains, and maintain footing while traveling at high speeds. The Ibex is an excellent climber and prefers habitats in rocky regions, along snow lines, and above the alpine forests. The all-new QuietKat Ibex earned its name trekking over the highest peaks and steepest terrain. Built for life above the tree line, the QuietKat Ibex deploys 4.8” CST Tires and the upgraded FireLink 4-Bar suspension in the rear, giving you 130mm of travel to command rocky and rugged terrain. Going off the grid? The Bafang Ultra-Drive motor delivers incredible power and performance while the massive 21ah battery provides extra range to push further into the backcountry. And with TEKTRO hydraulic brakes and a fully adjustable air-suspension fork and rear shock, you can maneuver the most technical routes fearlessly. Reach the highest peaks, on the back of an Ibex.

The Ibex is in-stock and available now exclusively at QuietKat.com (https://quietkat.com/pages/ibex-electric-bike) for $6799. Additional accessories include pannier bags, lights, fenders, trailers, and more to make the most of your backcountry experience. Check out where the Ibex can climb in this video by QuietKat. (https://youtu.be/96V-Y6LrWIY)


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