A gigantic Chinook salmon has been reeled in off the shores of Argentina, stirring up a frenzy among the salmon fishing community. This colossal fish has the potential to smash the existing world record for the longest Chinook salmon ever caught, making it a monumental achievement for the lucky angler.

James Schmid shared the gripping story of his intense battle with the monster salmon. It was an adrenaline-filled struggle, testing his skills and tackle to the limit. The sheer size of the salmon has left seasoned anglers and fans in awe.

While the official measurements are still pending, news of this epic catch has spread rapidly within the fly fishing community. Anglers from all over the world are eagerly waiting for confirmation of the fish’s weight and length. The potential new world record has sparked discussions and fueled the dreams of anglers seeking their own unforgettable fishing experiences.

To learn more about the catch, check out this article from For The Win!


  1. This is roughly a 40 lb king based on length. I fully expect this record to be broken multiple times this summer from Alaska


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