A note from Tuva Bjerketvedt:

“This day we were aiming for GTs, and I was scouting at the edge of a sand flat that we had reached by kayak. While I was scouting I saw a small school of bonefish suddenly seeking shelter in the deep, that’s when I saw a dark shadow swimming at the very edge of the flat. I saw that it wasn’t a GT and made a cast at it anyways. It chased my big black brush fly immediately and ate it with no hesitation. That’s when I realized it was a barracuda. It ripped the line out of the fully tighten 12wt GT reel, jumped and fought like crazy. I obviously didn’t have a wire leader, but I couldn’t think about that, I just had to hold pressure and get it up one the flat, and away from the reef.”

“My boyfriend grabbed its gill plate, and that’s when we really saw how big it was. We couldn’t believe how huge and shiny it was, and the hook was perfectly placed in the corner of the mouth, no damage at my 80lbs at all. All we could do was laugh about this insane fish that I somehow managed to land. None of had seen a barracuda that big, none of us had never even seen pictures of a barracuda that big. The fish was released and the locals would not believe that we caught that big of a barracuda inside the lagoon.”

Angler Story of the Week from Tuva Bjerketvedt, be sure to follow Tuva on Instagram @turtuva.

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