When Abel allows its design engineers to delve into pet projects, fantastic products like this one emerge. Abel is no stranger to the fly-tying world; they have been crafting tying tools and accessories since the inception of their operations. In fact, in 1999, Steve Abel unveiled his Abel Vise design to the world. Although it was produced for a brief period in the mid-2000s, it has since become a sought-after collector’s item. This recent venture into the fly-tying domain pays homage to that vise, seamlessly blending its historical significance with Abel’s current spectrum of custom colors, fades, engravings, and unique artist finishes from renowned names like DeYoung, Larko, and Underwood.

From Abel Reels:

Abel has been known for creating premium quality fly fishing reels and tools since the ‘80s. Today, we bring you the beautifully designed and machined Abel Vise Base. Just like our reels, this base is made to last, being machined from high-quality aluminum and finished with a Type II anodize.

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There are 3 vise locations, giving you the freedom to position your vise how you like. 5 milled pockets hold hooks, beads, and other materials. For additional convenience, the large pocket has a concealed magnet to keep hooks from getting lost or moving around. Soft rubber feet keep this base stable and in place. Finally, the thumb screw is large and easy to use when securing your vise. With more accessories to come, the Abel Base is a must for any fly tyer.

This base will fit vises from most major vise companies utilizing a ⅜” shaft.


  • Fully Machined 6061T6 Aluminum
  • Type II Anodize
  • 3 Vise Location Options
  • 5 Milled Pockets for Hooks, Beads, and other materials
  • Rare Earth Magnet concealed in a large pocket
  • Soft Rubber Feet with plenty of stick
  • Large Easy to grip Thumb Screw to secure vise
  • Fits most major vise manufacturer vise shafts – any vise with a ⅜” shaft
  • Base Dimensions: Approx. 8” x 10” x 1”
  • Total Weight:6.25lbs
  • MSRP: $245

Get your Abel Base, here!


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