Last week, magic happened on a Colorado reservoir when Angler Scott Enloe felt something huge take his jig in the depths…

Scott battled the fish for 15 minutes and ultimately had to haul the fish onto the boat by hand, as his landing net was too small to fit the fish. Once he and his partner landed the potentially record-breaking fish they knew they had something wild. This fish boasted a girth of 37 inches, and weighed over 73 pounds!

Photo from the Gunnison River Fly Shop @gunnison_riverflyshop

Enloe caught the fish fishing in Gunnison County, Colorado where the current standing record for a lake trout caught in the state is just over 50.35 pounds from Blue Mesa Reservoir. The fisherman has submitted an application to have the fish officially weighed and measured to see if it beats the record.

From the Southwest Journal:

“I have some other photos that—I regret to admit—almost seem artificial,” Enloe shares with Outdoor Life. “I mean, it’s just absurd. A 37-inch girth and my waist is 35 inches. It was utterly amazing.”

Read the full story from Michael Rivera at the Southwest Journal by clicking HERE!


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