Jimmy Buffett, affectionately known as the “Fly Fishing Mayor of Margaritaville,” peacefully departed this world at his Sag Harbor residence in Long Island, New York, on Friday, September 1st. He was surrounded by his loved ones and faithful canine companions.

Hailing from Mississippi, Jimmy Buffett ascended the ranks to become a renowned musical icon and dedicated fly angler, ultimately naming the Florida Keys as his beloved home.

Music was undoubtedly his passion, but alongside it, Buffett developed a deep love for fly fishing as one of his cherished hobbies. Buffett played a pivotal role in crafting the Dragonfly stand-up paddleboard collection, with a special fondness for both paddleboarding (SUP) and fly fishing. He frequently delighted his fans by sharing social media snapshots of his adventures as he glided along secluded coastlines in pursuit of bonefish, a fish species that held a particularly captivating allure for him.

As many devoted fly fishing enthusiasts are aware, Tom McGuane played a significant role in the vibrant Key West scene during the 1970s, a period when the excitement of tarpon fly fishing gripped the islands lining U.S. Highway 1. In the company of fellow luminaries such as the late author Guy de la Valdene, the late author Jim Harrison, and the late author and artist Russell Chatham, the tarpon fishery near Key West reached its zenith, becoming the catalyst for the annual pilgrimage to the Keys during the spring and early summer, a tradition that has endured for half a century and counting. Buffett made appearances in Key West and even composed original music for the vintage cult film Tarpon.

In his lifetime, Jimmy Buffett left an indelible mark on the world, not only through his music but also as an avid fly angler and a beloved figure in the Florida Keys. His passion for life, adventure, and the tranquility of the waterways endeared him to countless fans and fellow enthusiasts. As he sails into the sunset, the memory of the “Fly Fishing Mayor of Margaritaville” will continue to inspire those who share his love for music, fishing, and the joy of coastal living.

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