How to Tie: The Shark Bait Fly


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In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Mike P. from the Ole Florida Fly Shop ties a shark fly that will entice those apex predators, the Shark Bait Fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Sharks are notorious for being some of the most frightening and interesting animals that swim. Growing up with Jaws set the fear factor for sharks at a young age. Now, instead of hiding from the water, anglers are chasing these apex predators with flies. The opportunity to hook a shark on the fly is one that every saltwater angler should experience. Often, shark flies are bright and essentially a chicken tied onto a hook, and the Shark Bait Fly is no exception to this trend.

Although not employing much, this fly offers just enough to entice those predators. Red and orange are a common color for shark flies, and a spun deer hair body will ensure it rides on top. Take your time when spinning deer hair, as it can be messy and very tedious to work with. The Shark Bait Fly is not one that requires perfect proportions or accuracy, rather just the right presentation in front of a hungry fish.

Blue water fly fishing is an up and coming niche in the industry and offers some of the most exciting fishing today. Targeting sharks on a fly, especially Makos and blue sharks, can be the thrill of a lifetime and only add to the addiction of the sport. Depending on the size of the sharks you’ll be targeting and flies you’ll be using, you may be throwing a 14wt all day and it may be wise to get a good stretch in before. The Shark Bait Fly is one that will allow you to hook these apex predators and give you the fight of your life!


Now you know how to tie The Shark Bait Fly!

Video and ingredients courtesy of the Ole Florida Fly Shop.


  1. thank you for this tutorial so clear totally awesome. BUT! were is the footage of you using it? I think this should be a requirement for all fly making videos as it would truly close the explanation and complete our understanding of how it is used! if anything a link to another youtube video of someone using it!
    (this is not a real criticism, more of a pretty please show us the flies you make in use, in a real situation, type request…)

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Seabass! Looks like it was a formatting error on our end. You should be able to watch the video at the top of the article.


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