In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Hot Spot Nymphing ties a European nymphing variation on a classic, the Polish Pheasant Tail.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

It’s no secret that the top producing patterns for competitive anglers come in slim, simple, and easy variations. European nymphing often calls for flies with minimal drag, in order to get down and keep as tight of a connection as possible, to detect every strike. This is one of the most effective ways for targeting trout and there’s a reason why it has become a very popular trend in the past 5 years. The Polish Pheasant Tail is a fly that adopts the European nymphing style and will produce fish similar to other style patterns.

If you are able to tie the classic pheasant tail nymph, you will have no problem with this fly. There are no difficult sections to this fly, but if you are a novice it is wise to take your time to ensure proportions are accurate. Keep in mind that these patterns will be banged off rocks and the bottom, so they do not need to be perfect. Do not get attached to the Polish Pheasant Tail, as you will likely snag and break several off like any good nymph.

If you are unfamiliar with European nymphing, there is ample literature online, as well as this piece written here at Flylords. This is another tool in the quiver and one that every angler should try out. Be sure to check out other Euro style flies, tie them on, and watch the magic happen. The Polish Pheasant Tail is a simple, yet effective, nymph pattern that every angler should carry in their fly box.


Now you know how to tie the Polish Pheasant Tail!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Hot Spot Nymphing.


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