In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, AvidMax ties a nymph that will get any angler excited for fall fishing, the Peeping October Caddis.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

For many anglers out there, the thought of fall fishing brings nearly a tear to the eye. After a hot and extremely dry summer in many places in the U.S., droughts have taken effect in nearly 50% of the country and are certainly impacting the fishing. Cooler temperatures in the near future will allow for the switch from warm water species to our cold water friends again. October is right around the corner and that should prick the ears of many anglers. The Peeping October Caddis will be one of your best friends as those bugs start to pop off in only a few weeks.

With euro-style nymphs, it is always ideal when they are simple to tie. Typically these flies are fished deep and getting snagged on branches, rocks, or other subsurface structures is common. Simplicity allows for large batches of flies on the vise in a reasonable period of time. Once practiced, the Peeping October Caddis will be an easy tie and one that produces fish consistently.

Trout will gorge themselves on these larger insects in preparation for winter ahead, and this is a key time to target large fish. Whether fished in European nymphing style or under an indicator, you cannot go wrong with this fly. A big stonefly or worm paired with the Peeping October Caddis will entice those larger fish when the dinner bell starts going off in October once again. The wait is almost over, stick it out and make sure the water you are fishing for trout is below 67 degrees Fahrenheit!


Now you know how to tie the Peeping October Caddis!

Video and ingredients courtesy of AvidMax.


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