In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Cheech with Fly Fish Food ties a midge pattern to get us through the rest of winter, the Overachiever Midge. 

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Midges are on the menu! Winter continues to linger on, and I’d be remised to not include another midge pattern to get us through these cold months. For those who have the luxury of living somewhere where you don’t have to wear ten layers to fish this time of year, we are jealous of you. The rest of us have a few more months of slower fishing until comfortability returns on the water, but no time should be wasted. If you are fishing through the cold, the Overachiever Midge is a fly you should carry with confidence in your winter box. 

Luckily, midge patterns keep stress low on the vise and this pattern is no exception. No matter the skill level, you’ll be able to tie up a batch in timely fashion and move onto the next pattern. Don’t be afraid to change thread color and size to match the specific midges you find on the water, as this will only increase your chances of productivity. Patterns that take minimal time to tie and get eaten should be worshipped, and the Overachiever Midge fits that profile. 

It should come as little surprise to many that this won’t be the anchor in your nymph rig. Rather, pair this with a heavier fly or split shot to get down to the proper depth and focus on slower pockets. We still have a few more months of staring at bobbers, but it’s important to remember warmer weather is on the horizon. Fish the Overachiever Midge with confidence and start getting excited for spring fishing.


Now you know how to tie the Overachiever Midge!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food.


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