In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Tim Flagler with Tightlinevideo ties a flatwing style pattern that is destined for a Striped Bass’ mouth this season.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

As Spring begins to turn on, Northeast anglers are waiting patiently for striped bass to make their migration up the coast. There are a multitude of opportunities to target these fish on the fly, such as flats, rivers, beaches, rips, and more. When it comes to a fish, stripers are made for every angler. You don’t need a big expensive boat or tons of lures to trick these fish. In shore fly fishing opportunities are endless for striped bass, and the Monomoy Special is a battle tested flatwing style pattern that will get the job done consistently.

Flatwing flies are similar to traditional salmon flies when it comes to elegance. When you are finished tying, there is definitely a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction just based off the profile you have created. Using long flatwing hackles gives the Monomoy Special its movement that has enticed countless fish. Prices for some of these materials will be on the higher side, but larger quantities will make it worth it.

In terms of appearance, flatwing patterns are some of the most stunning out there. Something can be felt when using Jungle Cock eyes, bringing back a sense of historical salmon fishing and tying. This is more comparable to a Picasso painting than other standard saltwater patterns and will leave you satisfied both on and off the vise. Don’t be late to the party this Spring; come prepared with the Monomoy Special and be ready for a tug on the end of your line.


Now you know how to tie the Monomoy Special!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Tightlinevideo.


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