In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Pat Dorsey with The Blue Quill Angler ties one of his signature patterns, the Mercury Blood Midge.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Midges are on a trout’s diet year-round and should always be in both your dry and nymph boxes. These small insects become increasingly more effective in colder temperatures when other hatches slowdown, which is why you see many anglers using midge nymphs in the winter. Dropping down in tippet sizes is wise when fishing these patterns, so make sure you go to the river with plenty of 5x and 6x. The Mercury Blood Midge is a midge nymph tied by renowned guide and fly tyer, Pat Dorsey, and should be in every angler’s nymph box.

Using only three materials to make the body and profile allows tyers of any skill level to quickly master this pattern. When it comes to working with smaller sizes, take your time to make sure proportions and body segmentation are accurate. Little things can go a long way in tying and taking the extra second to rewrap a misplaced step is a good habit to get into. Drop down in thread sizes to avoid crowding the head of the Mercury Blood Midge and you’ll save yourself from a lot of frustrations.

Often winter fishing involves the use of a strike indicator, which is an effective way to fish nymphs this time of year. Tight line nymphing will also produce, and using this pattern above an anchor fly with a tag is a fantastic way to change it up. Midges simply put get fish to eat. Tie on the Mercury Blood Midge this season, thank Pat Dorsey, and watch your productivity increase on the water.


Now you know how to tie the Mercury Blood Midge!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Pat Dorsey and The Blue Quill Angler.


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