In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, McFly Angler ties a tried and true shrimp/crab imitation that will work on nearly and shallow saltwater predator, the Kwan fly.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Most inshore saltwater species eat crabs and shrimp regularly. For fly anglers, these species offer some incredible opportunities to target sizeable fish. Whether in the Northeast for Striped Bass or down south for Redfish, these predators will gorge themselves on crustaceans and allow for some extremely exciting fishing. Sight fishing is a situation where you may often need a crab or shrimp pattern to interest that fish, and the Kwan fly is the perfect combination of both to get the job done.

Tying this fly is relatively simple, with the only challenge coming from the body. Tying in materials using cross wraps or “x-wraps” is difficult to begin with, but going slow will allow you to improve without ruining a fly. Proportions when it comes to the body are extremely important for the Kwan fly, so it is imperative not to rush the body step. In trimming the body, remember that less is more and once it is cut it can never go back on.

Fishing this pattern is effective on the flats and other shallow water feeding situations. Depending on the depth or current, you may decide to use a floating, intermediate, or even a sinking line. Like many aspects of fly fishing, this is very situational and often times using a floating line and changing the weight of this pattern is all you need to be in the right zone. Many shallow water saltwater predators indulge themselves heavily on crabs and shrimp, which is why having a couple different variations of the Kwan fly in your box is so important for this new year.


Now you know how to tie the Kwan fly!

Video and ingredients courtesy of McFly Angler.


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