How to Tie: The Jig Streamer Sculpin


In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Fly Fish Food gives us a great tutorial on how to tie the Jig Streamer Sculpin.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Sculpin, a main stay in most anglers boxes due to its continued reliability and versatility in just about every water body. Sculpins are benthic fish that dwell at the bottom of water bodies. They are very common in spring creeks and rivers but also find a place in freestones, tailwaters, and lakes alike. That being said, trout and other fish species love munching on them which is why they are highly recommended for your fly box.

If you are familiar with jig style hooks, you know that they ride hook point up and are accompanied by a heavy tungsten slotted bead. As mentioned previously, sculpins live in the depths of water bodies and so a jig hook is a no-brainer. The benefit of this rig is the fact that it will get down fast and “swim” with the current when jigged.

Throw this fly on a euro-rig as the point fly and you might be surprised what could take place. Euro-style jig streamers are becoming more and more popular because they are simply deadly. Fish will eat this fly and because of that it should have a special place in your fly box.


Now you know how to tie the Jig Streamer Sculpin.

Video and Ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food.

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