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In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, The Portland Fly Shop ties an intruder style steelhead fly that might just get you that grab this winter, the Hohbo Spey.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Winter for most fly anglers means warm homes and days spent on the vise. Steelheaders are not exactly the typically fly fishing crew though, and the tug that fuels them often does not allow for breaks due to undesirable weather. Cold weather offers slightly more challenging conditions, but this does not compare to their crippling addiction. Blue and black are staple colors in steelhead flies and the Hohbo Spey is another tool in the box for these tricky anadromous trophies.

Many steelhead spey flies have difficult dubbing loops comprised of several materials. This can be intimidating for tyers, as loops are tedious and frustrating at times to create. Luckily, the Hohbo Spey only includes a simple one dub loop, which can be substituted with the normal dubbing technique. The wrapped marabou on this pattern will create a pulsating motion in the water and plenty of life even when swung and kept directly downstream.

As stated earlier, this pattern is meant to be swung. Working a run properly in order to not spook fish is key to the swing, and patience is vital. Enjoy the cast, the scenery, and understand that steelheading is not a numbers game. Quality is the center of this fishing and the Hohbo Spey will get you one step closer to hooking a winter trophy.


Now you know how to tie the Hohbo Spey !

Video and ingredients courtesy of The Portland Fly Shop.


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