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In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Charlie Craven ties a classic bass pattern that has potentially caught more bass than any other fly, the Dahlberg Diver.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Difficult

When it comes to bass fishing and other predator fishing situations, top water is the gold standard. Whether in freshwater and saltwater, opportunities to catch fish on top will present themselves, and you should always be prepared for it. Seeing a fish blow up on a fly might just create a new addiction in itself, and the Dahlberg Diver is the pattern to get you started.

This is a pattern where patience goes a long ways during the tying process. Spinning deer hair can be frustrating, but taking it slow and using the proper strength thread are crucial. Sit down with your favorite beverage and be proud of your work when you’re all done. Patience while spinning the deer hair will create the perfect buoyancy for the Dahlberg Diver to float when stationary but dive when being stripped, closely resembling a frog escaping prey.

For bass on top water, few flies have had the success as this one. Larry Dahlberg is a name in fly fishing that everyone should be aware of, as I’m sure nearly every fly fisher has used one of his innovations. Tying classic patterns with natural materials can certainly be frustrating and time consuming, but the final products always make it worth it. The Dahlberg Diver is a classic top water fly and should be a staple in all bass anglers boxes.


Now you know how to tie the Dahlberg Diver!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Charlie’s Fly Box.


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