In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, we have another Tightlinevideo fly tied by Tim Flagler himself, the Clown Egg.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

In the spirit of Easter, we will tackle an extremely productive fly type that trout can’t help themselves but gorge on, egg fies. With spring here and rainbow trout setting into their spawning grounds, this is a great way to imitate a food source that brown trout will be munching. Although sneered about and judged, egg flies are just another way to effectively “match the hatch” and catch more fish. The Clown Egg is one egg pattern that has been fooling hungry trout for years and should certainly be in your box this spring.

When it comes to flies, eggs are some of the easiest and fastest. They require little perfection and can be off the vise in a minute, which makes it easy to build an arsenal quickly. For beginning tyers, this will be a great fly to hone your skills on, while veteran tyers will have the ability to tie a dozen Clown Eggs in 20 minutes. Don’t be afraid to add a bead or even heavy weighted wire, as this will help get the fly down if fishing deep pools.

Warmer temps are bringing active fish and happier times all around. Not wading with frozen toes and hands is something all anglers have been looking forward to all winter, and they are finally here. Enjoy getting out on the water, and don’t forget to bring a few Clown Eggs with you on your next outing!


Now you know how to tie the Clown Egg!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Tightlinevideo.


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