In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Paul Monaghan ties a baitfish pattern that every angler should have in their predator box, the Bucktail Firecracker.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Few things are as thrilling as fish crushing a baitfish pattern with nothing but pure intent to kill. Some will breach the surface, flip, or simply inhale and tear line from your reel. Regardless, it is thrilling and a feeling no angler should turn down. From the jungles of Bolivia to the lakes of Canada or ponds in cities, there is a predator species for everyone to target and the Bucktail Firecracker is a great tool for the job.

Tying baitfish flies with bucktail can be frustrating at first, but by taking your time and enjoying the learning process, you will 100% be able to increase your skill behind the vise. Nayat is a fantastic material for baitfish patterns and allows you to change the specific imitation by simply switching colors. The Bucktail Firecracker is a fly that can be modified to imitate most baitfish in the 4-6inch range and can be mastered with a little sweat equity.

Depending on the feeding zone for your targeted species, this fly can be fished with floating, intermediate, or sink tip line. Changing your retrieve speed until you find consistency with hookups is another strategy to produce more fish. The Bucktail Firecracker is not a pattern that is terribly difficult to tie and will only add to your repertoire of predator flies for any species that swims.


Now you know how to tie the Bucktail Firecracker!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Paul Monaghan.


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