In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Kelly Galloup from The Slide Inn shows us how to tie his Boogie Man streamer pattern, a true trophy trout hunting pattern.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Hard

With fall right around the corner, there isn’t a better way to kill the dog days of summer than tying streamer patterns. As temperatures cool, trout will begin to become more aggressive once again and the streamer bite will turn on. The fall often produces larger fish, and there is no more exciting way to target big trout than with big streamers. Kelly Galloup’s Boogie Man is a pattern up there with the Sex Dungeon and Zoo Cougar and is one that should never be left at home.

This fly will take time, so pairing it with your beverage of choice is never a bad decision. Being patient and focusing on profile accuracy will ensure you do not waste your time on the vise. Sculpin wool for the head will push water, while the cactus chenille adds flash that has the potential to change the tides on a slower day. Having the Boogie Man in a few different colors will simply turn your fly box into a trophy trout hunting arsenal.

Fishing this fly in the coming months has high potential to both move and stick the fish of the year. Throwing a 7 or 8 weight rod and reel combo is important when using larger flies, as well as a sink tip line for most situations. Remember to bring patience to the river as streamer fishing is often about quality, not quantity. Bring the Boogie Man on your adventures this fall and watch the fly bring out the worst in big gluttonous trout.


  • Thread: White GSP 100 

Part I

  • Back Hook: MFC 7050 or Daiichi 2460 #4
  • Tail: Olive Marabou 
  • Flash: Copper Flashabou 
  • Body: Olive Medium Cactus Chenille 
  • Hackle: Sculpin Olive Strung Saddle Hackle or Olive American Hackle - 
  • Rib: Copper Ultra Wire (Brassie) 
  • Wing: Wood Duck Gold Mallard Flank 
  • Connection: 19 Strand AFW Surflon Micro Ultra Wire 
  • Bead: 1-2 Ruby or Red Glass Bead

Part II

  • Front Hook: MFC 7050 or Daiichi 2460 #1
  • Skirt: Olive Marabou or the after shaft of the Sculpin Olive Saddle Hackle
  • Flash: Copper Flashabou
  • Body: Olive Medium Cactus Chenille
  • Hackle: Sculpin Olive Strung Saddle Hackle or Olive American Hackle
  • Rib: Copper Ultra Wire (Brassie)
  • Wing: Wood Duck Gold Mallard Flank
  • Eyes: Large Yellow Double Pupil Lead Eyes
  • Head: Spirit River UV2 Sculpin Wool (Medium Olive) 

Now you know how to tie the Boogie Man!

Video and ingredients courtesy of The Slide Inn.


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