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In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Cheech from Fly Fish Food ties a staple pattern for winter fishing, Nyman’s Shop Vac.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

Winter fishing may be some of the most technical and challenging fishing of the year. Trout will become more lethargic and tend to spend more time in deeper pockets, but these fish still have to eat! Smaller food items, such as midges and mayflies, are going to be your best friend this time of year. One pattern to get you through the grueling months of winter is Nyman’s Shop Vac, a fly that imitates a variety of smaller insects drifting in the current.

This is a very simple pattern that can be easily mastered by tyers of all levels. Wrapping pheasant tail can be frustrating at times, such as when it slips from your fingers or pliers, but taking your time will solve that. For the most part, midge patterns are extremely simple and tied in smaller sizes. Using a smaller thread will make sure you do not crowd the hook eye when whip finishing, which can ruin a perfectly tied fly.

Trout will consistently feed on midges year round, so fishing Nyman’s Shop Vac at any point in the season will produce fish. For technical fishing, using 5x, 6x, or even 7x may be necessary to hook into more fish. Although trout will become lazier in the winter, much like us, you will still be able to find feeding fish to keep you entertained. On your next outing, tie on Nyman’s Shop Vac and watch your winter blues disappear.



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