In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, InTheRiffle ties an all purpose stone that will become your best friend on the river, Kaufmann’s Stone.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

Stoneflies are a resilient insect that can live nearly anywhere the water is oxygenated and unpolluted. In terms of food, they are a candy bar for trout and come in many shapes and sizes. Most stoneflies come in sizes 8-14, but there are plenty that come larger. Regardless of the exact species, trout will pursue stoneflies for larger food items, and Kaufmann’s Stone offers a fantastic imitation of these insects.

Tying this fly to start may seem difficult, but taking your time on the dubbing loops will ensure no flies are wasted due to bad profile. Besides the loops, this fly is simple and quick to tie which is perfect for tying several batches of different sized stones. Whether targeting trout, steelhead, or other aquatic river species, Kaufmann’s Stone will get the job done and produce on the water.

This pattern can be used in a wide variety of rigs. With its weight, it can be fished in a double nymph rig or even under a dry fly with high floatation in a dry dropper rig. You can alter this pattern by using dubbing that matches the stoneflies in your rivers. Tying a variety of sizes and colors will allow you to keep this fly on in many situations and even year round. Kaufmann’s Stone is a fly that produces across the world and should be bountiful in your fly box.


  • Hook: Tiemco 5262 #04-10
  • Thread: Tan UTC 70
  • Weight: .025 Lead Wire
  • Tail: Tan Goose Biots
  • Body: Golden Stone SLF Dubbing
  • Rib: Medium Brown or Golden Stone D-Rib
  • Wings: Mottled Turkey Wing
  • Antennae: Tan Goose Biots

Now you know how to tie Kaufmann’s Stone!

Video and ingredients courtesy of InTheRiffle.


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