In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Charlie Craven ties Grillos Low Rider, created by Andrew Grillos that will produce when those big stones are hatching.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Intermediate

With winter in full effect, it’s time to reminisce on warmer days throwing dry flies to aggressive trout. Some of the most exciting fishing happens between June and October, and it’s best to prepare now so you can spend those days on the water instead of behind the vise. A personal favorite time for me is the salmonfly hatch, where trout gorge themselves on freakishly large stoneflies. Grillos Low Rider is a hopper style pattern that will produce trout during those warmer months when their eyes turn upward with aggression.

Patterns that use foam and naturals can be difficult for novice tyers, but practice is key. Working with deer hair, or in this case elk hair, is not as simple as it may look and requires patience and precision. For the first few, go slow and make sure your profile is consistent with the video’s. Taking your time when tying Grillos Low Rider is beneficial for overall product and increasing your skills on the vise.

Summer is the best time to bring this pattern out of your box. Whether fished as a single fly or in a dry dropper rig, both are effective methods. Hot days are best spent on the water, and this pattern will entice those hungry trout that begin to key in on bigger terrestrial food items. Fish Grillos Low Rider with confidence during the warmer months and spend your time behind the vise now!


Now you know how to tie Grillos Low Rider!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Charlie’s Fly Box.


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