How to Tie: Galloup’s Sex Dungeon


In this week’s how to tie video, The Slide Inn brings us a segment from the creator himself, Kelly Galloup, as he teaches us how to tie Galloup’s sex dungeon.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Advanced 

Note: tying portion of video begins at: 3:44

In this week’s how to tie video, we have Kelly Galloup himself providing an extremely in-depth video on how to tie his world-famous creation, the Galloup’s Sex Dungeon articulated streamer. Originally tied to be swung through the strong rivers of Montana, this fly has become one of the most popular streamers amongst anglers looking to catch huge trout. If the draw of this fly’s name isn’t enough to get you interested in tying one, its fishing results will be.

The sex dungeon is the pinnacle of what many articulated flies strive to be. Meaty enough to drive fish crazy, yet simple enough to exhibit a natural, unencumbered swim, the sex dungeon capitalizes on its versatility, and ability to elicit reactionary, as well as predatory strikes from stubborn underwater monsters.

Something great about large streamers such as the sex dungeon is the fact that it’s in no way limited to a single color. While fishing white and tan versions of the fly can be a great way to bring in fish on a sunny day, darker patterns such as black, purple, and brown are also highly effective. In deeper water, feel free to get creative and throw some bright green or yellow patterns in order to spark the curiosity of hunkered down fish. For small creeks and rivers, feel free to tie on an olive, or earthy toned sex dungeon in order to imitate sculpin, crayfish, or even larger baitfish. For tiers, this can be a tricky project, however, once you get the hang of it, it becomes one of the most fun flies one can tie.


Now you know how to tie Galloup’s Sex Dungeon!

Video and ingredients courtesy of TheSlideInn

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