In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Kelly Galloup with The Slide Inn ties a Crazy Charlie Variation, one that should be in every saltwater flats box.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

For anyone who loves crystal clear water, screaming drags, and the beach, fishing for bonefish might be up your alley. Often, bonefish are targeted on the flats through sight fishing. This presents several challenges, all of which make your heart beat faster in the moment just like a hunter aiming down the sights at an animal. When it comes to chasing these ghosts of the flats, there may be no fly as productive historically as the Crazy Charlie. Kelly Galloup ties a Crazy Charlie variation that will undoubtedly produce on a consistent basis and add to your bonefish quiver.

Traditionally, bonefish flies are simple and quick to tie. This Crazy Charlie variation is no exception, and only involves one difficult step of the dubbing loop. Practicing dubbing loops is the only way to become better at them and over time your consistency will improve as well as profile. Enjoy the process of tying these flies, as every step will improve your overall tying skill.

On the flats, it will be important to bring several different sizes and weights for each pattern. Depending on the conditions, you may be forced to use each of these flies and switch consistently throughout the day. Being prepared is the most important part of a saltwater trip, so make sure you take the time to ensure everything is in check. Tie up this Crazy Charlie Variation in multiple weights and sizes and watch the magic unfold on your next bonefish adventure!


Now you know how to tie a Crazy Charlie variation!

Video and ingredients courtesy of The Slide Inn.


  1. As always, Kelly provides useful information about the fly, as well as its background and the method for tying. Sometimes, I need to get the guts about tying the fly quickly as I may have a limited amount of time for the video. Is there a way for the viewer to crop the vid so only the tying portion can be seen? Kelly’s stories and anecdotes are fun to hear, but on occasion I don’t have time to hear the entire monologue!


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