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In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Curtis with Fly Fish Food ties a simple, yet realistic, midge pattern that every angler should have in their fly box this winter, the Bomb-Drop Midge Larva.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

It may be easier to sit inside during the winter months and tie flies, but getting out for some fresh air will do you wonders. Although winter fishing is often slower and more hostile of an environment, there is something special about having the water to yourself and catching fish with snow on the ground. Dress warm and make sure you know the water you are fishing, as one slip can be very dangerous. Having the right fly selection is also crucial, and the Bomb-Drop Midge Larva is a realistic midge pattern that should be in your winter fly box.

In terms of simplicity, this is as basic as it gets. The body consists of thread, rib, and resin, which allows for the opportunity of consistency for tyers of all levels. A slim profile also gives the Bomb-Drop Midge Larva its name, as it sinks like a rock. Selecting different colors to match your specific water’s midges is recommended for technical fisheries, but this pattern will get the job done regardless.

Fish this pattern under an indicator, European nymphing rig, or in a dry dropper setup. Simplicity in trout fishing often produces, and this pattern is no exception. This is a fly that can be fished year round and in a wide variety of situations. Tie a couple different batches of the Bomb-Drop Midge Larva and you might just never take this pattern off your rig!


Now you know how to tie the Bomb-Drop Midge Larva!

Video and ingredients courtesy of Fly Fish Food.


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