Heading to the Fly Fishing Show? Recycle Your Old Fly Lines at the Airflo Booth!


Heading to your local Fly Fishing Show this year and have some ratty old fly lines laying around? Well, if you bring them along and drop them in an Airflo Zero Waste Boxâ„¢ you can be entered to win a brand-new line from our friends at Airflo!

From AirFlo:

Airflo is not only looking for ways to make the best fly lines but also reduce our impact on the environment. And now, to help our customers recycle any plastic fly fishing line…even if you didn’t previously buy Airflo.

Airflo has teamed up with The Fly Fishing Show to launch this new recycling program. At each show, look for the Airflo Zero Waste Boxesâ„¢ at the front entrance or at the Abel, Ross, and Airflo booth and drop in your old fly lines, tippet, plastic packaging, and spools, or even regular old fishing line.

We will also be offering a chance to win a free Airflo fly line when you recycle your old line at the Airflo booth and enter to win. See below for contest entry steps:

How to enter the giveaway:

1. Drop off your old lines with us at our booth in our recycle box

2. Fill out show giveaway form at the booth located on our tablet

You will then be entered into the show giveaway. After each show, we will select 5 winners who will receive a free fly line*.

*Giveaway fly lines will be selected by Airflo.

To learn more about how we are using recycled lines, go to AirfloUSA.com!


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