The fly fishing community is well known for being supportive and tight-knit. Whether you’re looking at grass-roots conservation initiatives or community-driven efforts to help wounded veterans get back on their feet, there is a lot of good that has come out of fly fishing. But, all this good that groups in the fly fishing world are doing doesn’t happen in a bubble. They need our support to continue carrying out this great work. So, on this Giving Tuesday, consider supporting these organizations and their efforts to improve fly fishing.

  1. Trout Unlimited

  2. Project Healing Waters

  3. Captains for Clean Water

  4. The American Saltwater Guides Association

  5. Elevate Youth

  6. The Native Fish Society 

By no means is this list inclusive–there are dozens of great organizations out there that are doing truly amazing things. But we figured that this was a good starting point to cover some geographic range and causes.

Take Trout Unlimited, for example; a contribution to the preeminent fly fishing conservation organization can improve habitats all throughout the country for many different species of trout or salmon.

The Native Fish Society is focused on the Pacific Northwest working on specific salmon and steelhead recovery efforts.

But maybe you consider yourself more of a salty angler–look to Captains for Clean Water to support restoring water quality in South Florida or the American Saltwater Guides Association to support abundant fisheries and strong, precautionary management.

If you want to help people with fly fishing, look to Project Healing Waters or Elevate Youth to improve lives with this great sport we all love.

No matter if you decide to contribute to these groups or how much you can share, consider how much fly fishing has given to you and look for ways to give back to your communities.

To discover more of our favorite non-profits, check out our full collection of articles, here!


  1. Also remember the Native Fish Coalition which began in Maine in 2017 and has expanded rapidly into 14 states. Their purpose is to save, preserve and restore native wild fish with no emphasis on fishing, but rather conservation.

  2. Check out
    They provide free fly fishing retreats to men battling cancer. The retreats are all over the US and are staffed by a fantastic volunteer base. Reel Recovery only has two paid staff, so the vast majority of monies raised go towards the retreats. I’ve volunteered with them for the past 16 years and am the Coordinator for Pennsylvania. Check out the site, donate if you have means, and send any gentleman you know battling (or has battled) cancer our way.


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