Frigate Reserve Rum: Flip Pallot Shares The Frigate Story


By the campfire in Abaco, Bahamas, Flip Pallot and his companions gathered to share stories of their day on the water. They had been stalking white-sand flats full of Bonefish prior, and as they relaxed around the crackling flames, the unanimous choice of libation was rum. In that moment, an idea sparked among them: “Why not start our very own rum company?”

From the inception to the skilled distillers in Panama, Frigate Reserve Rum has become renowned for its exquisite flavor. It boasts two distinguished variations: the 21-year reserve, which clinched a gold medal as the finest rum under 25 years at a prestigious competition, and another gold for being the top rum overall. Additionally, there’s the eight-year reserve, which was bestowed with a well-deserved bronze accolade.

Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rum symposiums typically took place in Europe. Fortunately, they were relocated to Florida during the pandemic, proving to be a wise investment for Flip and his team. Frigate Reserve Rum has not only captured the hearts of those in the fly fishing community but has also garnered acclaim beyond, making it a meticulously crafted choice among adult beverages.

Flip’s approach to enjoying this exceptional rum is simple yet profound: Drink it straight, without any mixers like Coke or Mountain Dew, and avoid diluting it with ice. Savor each sip and embrace the philosophy of “Living Life on the Wing.”

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