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With the holidays right around the corner, the search for the perfect holiday gifts has officially begun. Our team at Flylords is proud to present this installment of our annual list of the hottest fly fishing gifts on the market. From any preference and price range, we have something that’s sure to make you the best catch of the angler in your life.

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How to choose (for non-anglers)

When it comes to finding a fly fishing gift for the angler in your life, it feels like there are a million options to choose from. So, when trying to find the perfect gift to give, focus on the person you’re buying for, not an exact item or brand. If they are someone who calls an airport terminal their second home, focus on a gift that embodies travel such as a backpack, or rain jacket. If they’re more of a weekend warrior, consider smaller fly fishing gifts like a water bottle that’s built to last, or a fishing shirt. By matching the lifestyle of the person you’re buying for, as opposed to their estimated taste, you’re far more likely to find the perfect present they didn’t even know they needed. (But just in case, it never hurts to save the receipt)

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Stocking Stuffers

Fly Fishing Gifts Under $100

Fly Fishing Gifts $100-$200

Fly Fishing Gifts $200-$500

Fly Fishing Gifts Over $500

Unique Fly Fishing Gifts

 Stocking Stuffers

1. CHUMS Adjustable Orbiter Sunglass Retainer $13

CHUMS Adjustable Orbiter Sunglass Retainer

Losing sunglasses to the river happens, especially in times where you don’t think it will. Having CHUMS attached to your glasses is a must. Not only can you take them off and put them around your neck once the sun goes down, the CHUMS Adjustable Orbiter gives you security so you don’t gift your expensive polarized sunglasses to the water. Snug these babies up and they will lockdown your glasses with a stainless steel grip, then loosen them right back up to let your glasses rest around your neck.

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2. Umpqua UPG LT High Weekender Fly Box $39.99


Umpqua UPG LT High Weekender Fly Box

You’ve been planning on getting to the water on the weekends with friends for a while, and need a new fly box for all the flies you tied during the winter. The Umpqua UPG LT High Weekender Fly Box is a great way to get all of the flies you need for a weekend on the water. Not only does this fly box have different inserts for large nymphs and #26 midges, the inserts are silicone giving you headroom for bigger flies, and a magnetic feature for your small midges or emergers. The best feature–the magnets that keep this box together. If you’re looking for a simple gift this holiday season, every angler loves more fly boxes. Remember, the one with the most flies wins.

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3. BUFF CoolNet UV Neckwear DeYoung Brown Flank Orange $24

BUFF CoolNet UV Neckwear DeYoung Brown Flank Orange

Mosquitoes, sun, and cold weather, protect yourself from the elements with the CoolNet UV Neckwear DeYoung Brown Flank Orange Buff. The Brown Trout Buff from Derek DeYoung is an attractive and comfortable piece to keep you on the water with style. Made for the sun, the Brown Flank Orange Buff is UPF 50, giving you ultimate sun protection. Not only does a Buff protect you from the sun, it is also a great way to cover up from all the skeeters in the marsh. However, if you prefer throwing the waders on during winter months, the trending DeYoung Brown Orange Flank Buff will keep the ears warm during the chilly winter months, just pull the Buff over your ears or wear it as neck gaiter. Enjoy the multi-functionality, and wear it style when walking up to your favorite fishing spot.

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4. High N Dry Liquid Floatant $11.88

High N Dry Liquid Floatant

The High N Dry Liquid floatant should be in every fly anglers pack for a day on the water. Specifically, we love it because it works on all dry flies, big foam Hoppers, Parachute Adams, and CDC dry flies. Just simply take off the lid, dip your fly in, and start casting. This floatant is one of the first floatants to the market that’s 100% environmentally friendly, containing no organic solvents. The best part, this container is 2.5 ounces compared to other competitors that have 1 ounce containers, providing anglers a great bang for the buck. Fully designed not to leak in your bag, keep your flies High N Dry the next time you see a pod of fish rising.

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5. Oros Strike Indicators $3.30 each

Oros Strike Indicators

You’ve tried everything. They won’t eat dry flies, they won’t eat a streamer, so you throw a nymph rig on, it’s ok, you just want to see what they want to eat. Oros strike indicators are lightweight, easy to use, and won’t kink your leaders. Simply untwist half of the indicator, insert the leader into the mold, and take the other half of the indicator and screw it on. When twisting both of these indicators halves together, it creates a pressure-fit lock securing your indicator to a fixed place on your leader, no sliding, no kinks. Pro tip: mix and match your color variation when fishing in bad glare.

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6. Blue Line Company Quality Flies $75

Blue Line Flies

Whether or not you buy flies or tie your own, gifting someone some extra flies this holiday season is a great gift every angler will appreciate. Not only is this an easy way to get your buddy, your wife, or your boyfriend’s Christmas wish list crossed off, you don’t have to go through the hassle of trying to hand-pick flies. Our friends over at the Blue Line Company have an assortment of quality fly bundles for either saltwater or freshwater missions, making it easy to get hand-tied fly patterns at a great price. If you’re the angler that breaks off a dozen flies on a weekend trip or don’t have the time to tie your own, this is an easy package to remedy your stresses next time on the water. Here at Flylords, one of our favorite bundles is the Trout Three Quarter Send Fly Bundle. In this package, you will receive eighteen of the best hand-tied flies, and you can add a Blue Line Co. Fly box to your order. If you slack on holiday shopping, check out Blue Line Fly Company’s bundles; remember, the one with the most flies in their box always wins.

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Gifts Under $100

7. Seager X Flylords El Pescador L/S Shirt Teal $99

Seager X Flylords El Pescador L/S Shirt Teal

Sun protection? Got it. Hate getting bit by mosquitoes? This shirt is made for any angler in any pursuit. Introducing the newest style in the Seager Line, The El Pescador. A Pearl Snap shirt that has no limits. This nod to western heritage combined with modern-day functionality is meant for the 4 am wake up and meander to the stream where the anglers go to work all day long. The El Pescador is perfect for Flopping Flies and Wrangling Hawgs. It’s also dinner table approved, just ask your momma. Collaborated with Team Flylords, this teal colorway will do you no wrong in any setting.

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8. The OnWater App 

The OnWater App 

Tired of trying to find public access points and worried about trespassing on private property? If you are a float or wade angler that loves to explore new rivers or stillwaters, the OnWater App is for you. Not only will this App give directions to hundreds of access points and boat ramps, the OnWater App will notify you when you make it close to points of interest, whether it’s a hefty set or rapids or a blind boat ramp. Download the OnWater App, giving you 14 days to test out the app before subscribing to $39.99 a year. You can save any map before you loose cell service, get general information about the flows, conditions, and historical data from the water you’re trying to explore.

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9. YETI Rambler 26-ounce Reusable Water Bottle $40

drinking yeti waterbottle

YETI offers a lot of different options in various hard and soft coolers, storage boxes, and even dog beds. However, In the hot summer months, choose the drink recpeticol that’s proven to keep your drinks cold, and look no further than a YETI Rambler 26-ounce Reusable Water Bottle. This Rambler holds just the right amount for almost any day, and can fit in your backpack. Worried about putting it in the dishwasher? Just take the shatter-resistant cap off and toss it in. YETI has a lot of different options for lids, whether you like drinking out of a straw or like the classic water bottle spout, look into the variety of different lid options. Here at Flylords, we love the YETI Ramblers because you can fill your bottles up early in the morning with ice, and still find ice after a hot 95-degree day. P.S., through YETI, make a fully customizable YETI Rambler for anyone this holiday season to make them feel extra special. 

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10. Grundens Deck Boss Ankle Boot $99-104.00

Grundens boot

Early mornings dropping your boat in the cold water can be hapless, especially in the spring and in the fall. Keep the water off your dogs with the Grundens Deck-Boss Ankle Boot. The Deck-Boss is designed specifically for anglers with anti-odor technology. The Grundens Deck Boss Ankle Boot has an amazing grip on boat decks, leaving minimal dirt and grime in your raft, drift boat, or skiff. Offered in nine different color combinations, this performance ankle boot is a great gift for under $100.

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11. Fishpond Eddy River Hat $79.95

Fishpond Eddy River Hat

Tired of sunburns, awkward trucker hat tans, and your hat flying off from the wind? The Fishpond Guatemalan-Palm Eddy River Hat offers a 5” round curved brim and a pinched crown of a cowboy hat to keep you in style out on the water. Not only do these materials keep the sun out of your eyes, they are built for sun abuse, giving you the UPF protection you need. If you’re from Wyoming, this gift is for you. The adjustable cinch cord keeps the hat on your dome, so don’t worry about fishing for your hat once it gets blown away from the wind. This hat is not “one size fits all,” giving you the option to find your best fit between Small-XL. Make sure to measure the size of your noggin before purchasing this item. 

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12. Epic Western Canned Cocktails

Epic Western Canned Cocktails

You just caught a nice fish. In fact, a personal best. Now it’s time to celebrate with a can of Epic Western’s tequila cocktail. Born on the back of a truck bed; Epic Western only uses the finest quality Tequila, certified Mexican mineral water, and real citrus. Have a Holiday party to get to after a day on the water? Pick up a case of Epic Western – trust us, your fishing buddies and guests will thank you later.

Epic Western is an alcoholic beverage. Please drink responsibly.

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Fly Fishing Gifts $100-$200

13. Airflo Superflo Ridge 2.0 Tactical Taper Fly Line $129.99

Airflo Superflo Ridge 2.0 Tactical Taper Fly Line

Tired of watching your favorite fishing buddy grow frustrated over their busted fly line? Now’s your chance to be the answer to their prayers with the Airflo Superflo Ridge 2.0 Tactical Taper Fly Line. Gone are the days of trying to figure out which fly line is right for you, with the tactical taper leading the charge for the premier line for presenting gentle casts on small spring creeks. Not exactly what you’re looking for? Airflo has a great variety of different fly lines tailored to any condition you could face on the water. Not to mention, all of Airflo’s lines are PVC-free. So, not only are you getting the best line for you, but for the planet too! Available in line weights from 2-6, Airflo’s Tactical Taper fly line is perfect for those picky eaters.

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14. Eureka SPRK Camp Grill $134.95

Eureka SPRK Camp Grill

If you want to impress your buddies on the river, or after fishing all day, pull the Eureka SPRK Camp Grill out of the truck or your boat and fire it up. The Eureka SPRK Camp Grill runs on butane, and includes a removable grease drip tray and nonstick ceramic grate to make cleanup easy. If your buddy forgot a table, no problem. The Eureka SPRK Camp Grill has adjustable feet to keep the grill level on uneven surfaces. Throw a butane canister in the hatch, lock it in, and auto-ignite the flame to cook up a delicious meal. If you’re tired of cold-cut sandwiches on the water, (Guides), fire up your Eureka SPRK Camp Grill and get complimented from your guests with how good your cooking skills are.

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15. Rising Stubby Lunker Net $169

Rising Stubby Lunker Net

You or your friend helped land the biggest fish you’ve ever seen. After landing, the first thing that comes to mind is you need a bigger net. If you’re fishing a small stream or a large river with healthy, tank-like fish, you might consider purchasing a bigger net for all of the hogs you land. The Rising Stubby Lunker Net gives you the capability to land bigger fish with a deeper net bag, while accessing easily from a leash or hanging from your wading pack. Not only is this net resistant to corrosion, but you can also fully customize these nets with their engraving, whether you want your name on it or a loved ones. Available in eight different colors, support Utah-made Rising Nets if you or your partner wants a new net for the holidays.

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16. Orvis Guide Hip Pack $149

Orvis Guide Hip Pack

Organizing your specific gear to head out on the water can take time and effort. Making sure you have the appropriate leader and tippet sizes, and remembering your favorite fly box can often be the last thing on your mind as you rush to the river. Introducing the Orvis Guide Hip Pack, this hip pack keeps your fly-fishing tools tidy with nine liters of capacity. This pack features two side panel pockets, an interchangeable neck strap and shoulder strap with docking stations to keep you comfortable while on the water.

This pack is offered in two variations, the Orvis Guide Hip Pack, and the Fully Loaded Orvis Guide Hip Pack. A fully Orvis Guide Hip Pack includes all of the essentials if you’re eager to make fly fishing a new hobby. The fully-loaded Orvis Guide Hip Pack includes floatant, leaders, tippet material, forceps, a comfy grip nipper and zinger combo, split shit, indicators, and flies for your next trip on the water. Unlike the fully-loaded pack for $326, Orvis sells the Guide Hip Pack alone for $149. So if you already have all the gear, or if you’re brand new to the sport, look no further than the Orvis Guide Hip Pack.

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Fly Fishing Gifts $200-$500

17. Costa Paunch XL Sunglasses $211-251

Costa Paunch XL Sunglasses

Either on your boat box or sight fishing monster sized fish, having a great pair of polarized sunglasses is a must. Polarized sunglasses eliminate the amount of reflecting light that enters your eyes, giving you the ability to sight fish any fish you’re targeting. The Costa Paunch XL Sunglasses have three different available frame color options in either polarized polycarbonate or Costa’s signature polarized glass 580G lenses. Costa also has different lenses for different variations of fishing, whether you’re fishing the flats, out in deep blue water, or fishing a small stream. Not only are the Costa Paunch XL Sunglasses a performance frame, you can wear them in style out to a brewery, or even on a date night. If you are looking for a great pair of sunglasses, look into the Costa Paunch XL Sunglasses.

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18. Turtlebox GEN 2 Speaker $399

Turtlebox GEN 2 Speaker

Whether you’re out camping, or enjoying a day on the water, playing some tunes and soaking in mother nature is a great way to spend time with friends and family. The Turtlebox GEN 2 Speaker is a portable, waterproof, and rugged that will rock your socks off. Get crystal clear audio and sound up to 120dB that is easy to carry and easily pairable to your phone as well as other Turtlebox GEN 2 speakers. If you’re looking for a party,  shindig, or prefer kicking it back with friends and family, the Turtlebox GEN 2 speaker can provide you with the ultimate audio experience. 

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19. Ross Reels: Colorado Reel $375

Ross Colorado Reel

Born in the USA, out of Montrose Colorado, Ross Reels invented the Colorado reel, the ultimate lightweight click pawl reel. This design brings beautiful aesthetics, strength, rigidity, and meets modern design standards to the fly reel market. When using this large arbor reel, you can feel the crisp and audible sound of the click pawl reel available in sizes for light 2 to 3 weight rods and larger 4 to 5 weight fly rods. The Ross Colorado Reel has three different matte color options, black, platinum, and the new olive finish. Designed to fish anything from small streams and large rivers, the Ross Colorado Fly reel is a great option for any angler.  

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20. Topo Designs X Redington Fly Fishing Kit $450

Topo Designs X Redington Fly Fishing Kit

If you or a family member had a phenomenal time on a guide trip or their first time testing out the sport of fly fishing, be the one to continue a new passion. This holiday season, look no further than the Topo Designs X Redington Fly Fishing Kit. Designed for every outing, whether you’re a hiker, bike commuter, or love to spend your time outdoors, the Topo Designs X Redington Fly Fishing Kit is for you. This fly fishing kit includes a six piece 9 foot 5 weight Redington X Topo Designs fly rod, a fully loaded reel and cover, 9’ 5x Rio Powerflex Leader, Rio Powerflex 4x tippet, lanyard hemostats, a fly box, and a stylish hip pack. If you’re a new angler, or someone that likes to pack minimally, this setup has everything you ever need to get into fly fishing at an affordable price.

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21. Renzetti Traveler True Rotary Fly Tying Vise $239.99

Renzetti Traveler Vise

Renzetti Vises introduces the Traveler, a true Rotary Vise that’s handcrafted in the USA. This is a great holiday gift if you or a buddy love to spin up a few flies before an outing on the water. As much as it sounds, the Traveler is made for its portability. You can pack it away and set it back up in the matter of seconds when you need that one fly that works. The Renzetti Traveler True Rotary Fly Tying Vise is made for those that just learned to tie a San Juan Worm, or those that can tie big articulated streamers. If you’ve been fly tying with a traditional non-rotary vise, this is a great holiday gift that allows fly tyers to “make the next step” into their fly tying game. Your partner might make fun of you given the fact you’re “nerding out” tying all these different flies; however, go fish with them and see if the flies they tied up actually work. You never know, you might have an eager fish willing to take that specific fly.

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22. Riversmith Riverquiver Black 4-Banger $799.99

Riversmith Riverquiver Roof Rack

Have a family of four, or prefer having multiple rods for every set up? Rigging your rods up and keeping them together before you get to the water helps beat the crowds, but also reduces the stress of dialing your fly rod in the parking lot. This setup fully mounts to the roof rack of your vehicle, making you or your partner look like the hugest fly fisherman around. Riversmith has the #1 rated fly rod rack in the world, designing a secure, rear entry molded fly rod holder that can withstand shock, wind, and the most treacherous roads the fly angler pursues. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further than a Riversmith Riverquiver,  unlock your Riverquiver and hit the water in a matter of minutes. Pulling into a parking lot with other anglers rigging up will give them fear once you’re ready to hit the water. 

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23. Sea Run Riffle Daily Case $359-449

Sea Run Riffle Case

If you’re a travelin’ man, The Sea Run Riffle Daily Case is a great gift for the angler that likes to hit the road or hop on the plane. Compatible for three 10.5 foot fly rods, The Sea Run Riffle Daily Case is a great addition for an angler that stresses about rods getting stolen and doesn’t want to break the twenty year old rod they love. The Riffle from Sea Run leaves you optimal space to pack all necessities in a confined space, with a customizable TSA-compliant locking mechanism. Not only does this case give you the security you need to lock up your fly gear, the Riffle case is durable, constructed of patented double-wall composite for optimal protection against the elements. The Riffle case is so durable you don’t have to worry about airlines hail marrying the case in the belly of an airplane. If you’re sick of traveling with your friend or partner that duck tapes four fly rod tubes together, or want to show someone you don’t mess around, a Sea Run Riffle Daily Case is something to consider for a holiday gift. Check out our review of the Sea Run Riffle Case here. 

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24. Uncharted Supply Company Rapid Raft $479

Uncharted Supply Company Rapid Raft

Can’t get to the place you want with your heavy raft or drift boat? The Uncharted Supply Rapid Raft is a great alternative to get anywhere and everywhere on a mission to target the water you or your friends love to fish. Not only is this raft fully compatible within military grade durability, this raft is lightweight, made for rapid deployment and fluid transition to the water. Made for ultralight backpackers and campers, this is your go-to raft for targeting stillwater and remote access points. This raft is extremely durable, inflates in seconds, and can hold up to 400 pounds. The Uncharted Supply Rapid Raft is the lightest and most packable raft made to the public for adventurous outings. So if you’re feeling spontaneous to get outside, look no further than the Uncharted Supply Rapid Raft this holiday season. 

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Fly Fishing Gifts Over $500

25. Abel Rove Series Reel $795

Abel Rove Reel

The Abel Rove Series Reel is not your delicate, ultralite reel. This reel is made for business. Built to fish anywhere and everywhere the Abel Rove Reel was created to give anglers peace on the water regardless of the location or the conditions. Abel created this reel for its toughness, it’s reliability, smooth drag, and gives you the capabilities to fish anywhere you want with it. Offered in five to twelve plus options. If you’re the die hard trout angler or eager saltwater fly fisherman, this reel is a workhorse for any angler.

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26. Sage R8 Core Fly Rod $1050

Sage R8 Core Fly Rod

Just getting to the market in April of 2022, the Sage R8 is the newest, sexiest, and one of the most badass rods out there. Sage uses only the most advanced materials, using aerospace graphite, nano-sintered resin, and the all new circumferential hoop fiber allowing for greater feel, flow, and control. Made to fish, not just to cast, the Sage R8 Core fly rod  is a phenomenally constructed rod available in 8’6” to 10 foot lengths anywhere between a delicate 3 weight rods to a substantial 9 weight options for big freshwater streamer endeavors. If you’re looking at purchasing a new rod, look into the Sage R8 Core, it truly is a great option for this holiday season if you’re considering to add a new fly rod to your fleet. 

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27. DECKED Truck Bed Storage Solutions

Decked Truck bed products

What do you need to make your truck bed dialed? DECKED has a lot of different products designed for life outside and on the road. If you’re worried about your expensive waders, comfortable wading boots, and gear flying out the truck bed, the DECKED Drawer System is something to consider this holiday season to organize your gear for a day on the water. Built for nasty weather and heavy 1 ton payloads for bed use on top of the drawer system, the DECKED Drawer System is top notch. Get easy access to your gear and live stress-free without your gear missing on the road.

DECKED also manufactures the Truck Tool Box, ultra-durable, waterproof, and is easily accessible to get to the gear you need. The DECKED Truck Tool Box won’t ding, dent, or rust. If you love having space in your truck bed and don’t want the important gear rolling around, look into the DECKED Truck Tool Box. 

Another great option to add to your truck is the DECKED CargoGlide, the CargoGlide sliding tray makes loading and unloading your bed easy to access. The tray rolls on heavy-duty bearings, actuated by a single-handed latch which allows you to smoothly retrieve all of your fishing gear for a day on the water. Keep your gear protected and readily accessible with DECKED truck bed storage solutions, made exclusively in the USA. DECKED guarantees a lifetime warranty, and ships free.

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28. NRS Slipstream Fishing Raft Packages $3495

NRS Slipstream Raft Package

Purpose-built for anglers that are ready to explore, the NRS Slipstream rafts are designed with deliberate attention to D-ring placement, handles, and valves to reduce weight and eliminate catch points from your fly line. Inside the Slipstream Raft Package is a high-pressured drop stitch floor, and EVA foam decking to provide stable and secure footing without the need of heavy casting platforms. The best part, NRS redesigned their fishing frame for the Slipstream Series, giving anglers a foot-controlled anchor release, ultimately reducing the amount of parts, and delivering an outstanding rowing and fishing experience. If you’re looking for your first boat, a boat to get down skinny water, or just want to get the Slipstream so you don’t have to go through the full customization of a raft, look into the NRS Slipstream Fishing Raft Packages. Offered in a 9’6″ model compatible for 2 anglers, a 12 foot raft, and a 13’9” option in gray or olive colors.

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29. Simms Men’s G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders $599.95

Simms G3 Waders

Looking at getting a new set of waders this holiday season? The new and improved 2022 Men’s G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders by far are a great option if you love American made products and ultimate durability from the elements. Not only has Simms set a new standard for fly fishing waders, these waders are comfortable, reliable, and performance-driven. Simms only uses the best world-renowned GORE-TEX fabric giving you breathable, 3-layer upper and GORE-TEX Pro 4-layer lower materials for maximum durability. Since the last generation of G3 waders, Simms has upgraded their suspender system, belt loops, gravel guards, and even added an interior side pocket. If you ask the Flylords Team, the addition of the new Air Mesh Suspender System has been a hit. Adding this suspender strap adopted from the G4 wader collection, has increased comfort, and reduced the fatigue while rowing down the river and added comfort when wading with various packs and bags. If you or your loved one needs a new set of durable waders, don’t hesitate to invest in the new Simms G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders, made in 19 different sizes. Don’t forget, Simms also manufactures G3 Guide Stockingfoot Waders for women, with different color options and sizes. 

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Unique Fly Fishing Gifts

30. A Gift Card to Your Local Fly Shop

CT anglers

Still can’t decide what to get the angler in your life? With the complexity of the fly-fishing market, we can’t blame you. Instead of losing sleep over it, just google your local fly shop’s website and look for a gift card option. Take the guesswork out of it all and let your loved one decide what they want!

Check out gift card options with our friends over at Cutthroat Anglers below!

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31. Take Someone Fishing!

Take Someone Fishing

Whether it’s their first time on the water or their 10,000th, there’s no better fly fishing gift to give than bringing someone on an adventure. Push aside all the premonitions that clutter the meaning of our true mission as anglers, and go make some memories that could never hold a price tag.

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