Fishing Tips: The Davy Knot


There are a ton of great knots out there, everyone has theirs. However, The Davy Knot is easy to tie, very strong, wastes little tippet material, and, most importantly, is extremely small. 

So, what is the Davy Knot?

In the video from Tim Flagler, he shows an example of the Davy Knot being tied with fly line so it is a little easier to see. Check it out HERE.

Invented by Davy Wotton, the Davy Knot was introduced as an alternative way to attach your fly to the end of your tippet material or leader.

Why is it better than other knots?

The Davy Knot is small and saves tippet material. So why wouldn’t you want to start using this awesome knot? The Davy is a great small, quick, and easy to tie compared to other knot you use to attach flies. Check out what @troutbitten has to say below:

How to tie the Davy Knot:

“To seat the knot, grasp the tag with your fingertips next to the eye of the hook, and pull the mainline. Do not pull the tag end to tighten.”

“Likewise, when you clip off the tag, be careful not to pull the tag with your nippers. That will ruin the seating of the knot and you’ll lose fish and flies. Just clip through the tag without pulling.”

“I use the Davy knot from the smallest tippet diameters all the way up to about 12lb Maxima Chameleon. In larger diameters, I prefer a four turn clinch.”

“Some anglers recommend the Double Davy Knot as an alternative. I never find the need for it. A properly tied Davy Knot does not fail. The extra wrap of the Double Davy adds a little bigger profile, takes a little more material, and wastes a little more time. It’s not necessary until you are tying with very large diameter tippets.”Domenick Swentosky (@troutbitten)

If you want to add this small profile knot to your bag of tricks, check out this video by our friend Tim Flagler from Tightline Productions. 

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  1. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this knot.I’m alot older now and the little tool you used combined with the Davey knot can be a game changer for me

  2. I’ve used the Improved Clinch for over fifty years and it’s a lot harder for me to tie. I’m happy to have discovered the Davy. I’ll put it to the test in northern Maine in a week or so. Thank you.


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