Far From Home EP 7: Newfoundland


Nestled along the rugged shores of the North Atlantic, Newfoundland emerges as a haven for anglers. In the heart of this maritime province, a passion for fly fishing intertwines with the storied tales of salmon leaping against the backdrop of rugged mountain landscapes. As the rivers weave through the untamed wilderness and the scent of salt hangs in the air, anglers immerse themselves in an experience laden with lore. In Episode 7 of Far From Home, the Flylords crew joins Jeroen Wohe at Salmon Hole Lodge on the Lapoile River to pit the new Sage Spey R8 rods against Newfoundland’s esteemed Atlantic salmon.

How this episode came to be

Our friends at Sage hinted they had some exciting new two handed rods and wanted to join forces again to bring them to the water and test them against Atlantic salmon. After assessing locations around the globe we settled on Newfoundland, a place where delicacy and precision are a must, and we could really put these new double-handers through their paces from technical presentations to fighting large acrobatic fish on light lines.


Jeroen Wohe, owner of Salmon Hole Lodge, has Atlantic salmon in his blood. Although Jerone purchased the lodge recently, the operation has a storied history dating back over 50 years. He spent the first season fishing the river daily, learning its movements and flows, as well as the habits of the fish migrating into it. His historic experience with Atlantic salmon fishing brought a wealth of knowledge to these fabled waters.



The Lodge

Nestled along the enchanting Lapoile River in Newfoundland, the Salmon Hole Lodge stands as a testament to the allure of pristine wilderness and the pursuit of world-class salmon fishing. The lodge feels quaint and historic; an aura of history is baked into the wood. Small cabins are scattered among the property surrounding a central building with a dining room for guests to enjoy meals and recount tales of the day. Encapsulated in lush boreal forests and embraced by the serenity of nature, this lodge offers anglers an unparalleled escape into the heart of Newfoundland’s fishing paradise. The Lapoile River flows gracefully past the lodge, presenting a captivating backdrop for morning coffee on the front porch. Salmon Hole Lodge not only provides comfortable accommodations but also serves as a gateway to a fishing haven.


Dry Flies and Two Handers, a Chess Game

During the summer months, as the water warms, the salmon in the Lapoile River tend to look to the sky. Without rhyme or reason, these fish are prone to attack offerings drifted, skated, or stripped overhead, reacting most aggressively to flies sitting in the surface film.

When you think dry flies, your mind probably goes to catskill or parachute flies, imitating insects. The ‘match the hatch’ ideology. This couldn’t be further from reality in the world of Atlantic salmon fishing. The flies used look more like a cigar butt than an insect. It’s not about entomology, but rather precision and presentation.

Jeroen and his Guides know the river intimately and have a wealth of knowledge regarding the lies these fish hold in on certain flows. That means one part of the equation – where are the fish? – is taken care of. The part we need to figure out is fly choice and presentation. Often, these mid-summer fish responded best to dead drifted dries. Equipped with a 13’ 7wt and a midbelly integrated spey line, we would present flies at distance. The precision and control required for this style of fishing was a new and exciting challenge and the SPEY R8 rods handled it with grace.

The Takeaway

The fishing in Newfoundland feels less like science and more like art. From the weather to the river to the angler’s relation to the emotional state of the fish, It’s a connection with the natural world. Artful impressionistic flies meant to draw attention from a curious quarry and elegant two-handed fishing that brings feel and grace to the forefront of an angler’s mind. It’s serenity and connection unique to Atlantic salmon, it’s why Atlantic salmon are aptly named the “king of fish”.

Thank you to the team at Sage Fly Fishing and Fly Water Travel for making this episode possible. If you are looking for a rod setup suited for this Far From Home adventure, look no further than the new Sage SPEY R8. If you want to do this trip, you can book through Fly Water Travel HERE



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