We woke up to some stellar news surrounding freeing rivers across the globe from derelict or useless dams: the permanent protection of the Vjosa River in Albania.

Several years ago, a proposed dam on the Vjosa River in Albania made international headlines as Patagonia and other partner NGOs gathered to protest the damming of Europe’s last undammed river. After years of lobbying the Albanian government and fighting against the dam builders, the Albanian government made history this week when they declared the river to be a “Wild River National Park”. This designation will protect the river from future impoundments and hopefully increase tourism to the region.

To learn more about this new Park, check out this article from the Guardian!


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“Vjosa is a symbol of human history and also a very important part of the history of our country,” said Albania’s tourism and environment minister. “Maybe Albania does not have the power to change the world, but it can create successful models of protecting biodiversity and natural assets, and we are proud to announce the creation of this first national park on one of the last wild rivers in Europe.”

To read more about this new Park, check out this article from the Guardian!

Europe’s Broken Rivers


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