Pat Dorsey provides an update on the impact of heavy floods on the South Platte in Colorado this past Tuesday. The river endured significant sediment and debris influx as a consequence.

An update from Pat Dorsey:

“On Tuesday there was a flash flood in Cheesman Canyon and was the worst storm I’ve ever seen in there. Words cannot explain the devastation that occurred to the fishery and the trail. The Gill Trail is trashed, there are sediment slides everywhere, many of which dumped insect and trout-choking sediments into one of America’s finest wild trout streams. When I left the river last night, after hunkering down for nearly an hour in the rock tunnel near Cattle Crossing, the river was chocolate brown and oozing with sludge and debris. My fear is the fishery, I think it took a huge hit, and more weather is expected today, tomorrow, and the next day. We cancelled all our guide trips in there today because of the unknown and for obvious safety concerns. The gauging station went from 239 to 630 cfs if that gives you any idea of how quickly the river rose. Only time will tell the fate of this fabled fishery…”

“My baby took a huge hit on Tuesday! I posted earlier, and most of you understand. A few people however, said it’s normal, natural, etc, and the river will be okay. If you’re a “canyon junkie”, then this photo will hurt you! This is the Rainbow Pool and Peanut Rock. Peanut Rock is covered with decomposed granite. I beg to differ…this is not normal, natural, etc. one of the best holes in the “canyon” is destroyed, not to mention many, many more. I stood in this hole yesterday catching fish on Sparkle Duns. Today this hole is covered in tons of gravel. The devastation is mind boggling, words cannot explain it. My office is in shambles and our finned fins are under distress.” Take a look at the video below.

Thanks to Pat Dorsey for update on the South Platte, stay tuned as the story is still developing.

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