Today we’ve got some exciting news surrounding the removal of open-net salmon farms in British Columbian waters. Check out the Instagram post from Watershed Watch British Columbia below for more details!


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From Watershed Watch BC:

[On June 22nd] the government took steps toward keeping their promise to remove open-net pen salmon farms from B.C. waters by 2025. The announcement stated they will not be renewing the Discovery Island licenses and limiting all other salmon farm licenses to two years, which signaled that open-net salmon farming in B.C. is coming to an end. However, this decision does little to protect wild salmon outside the Discovery Islands over the next two years. Wild salmon runs remain at risk until the last salmon farm comes out of the ocean.

“Not renewing factory fish farms licenses in the Discovery Islands is the only way to protect wild salmon from parasites and diseases,” says Stan Proboszcz, Watershed Watch Salmon Society science advisor. “Government needs to finish the job, province-wide, in order to protect wild salmon.”

With salmon so close to the brink of collapse, we will keep working to ensure this transition happens smoothly and swiftly.

Read the full details:


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