Bowfin are some of the coolest native species we have here in the Great Lakes. Locally we do not see very many in our river systems so when you find one it usually entails some sight and stalk presentation.

Mike Schultz and I have had a few run-ins with them this season but up until Monday, the fish were able to sneak away quickly and avoid contact. They are very fast and stealthy.

This fish presented itself midstream but quickly slid into a large logjam as we approached. We patiently waited for a shot to open as the fish moved onto a small gravel bar against the bank, and after a short “pop” cast I managed to convince the fish to eat.

Bowfin on Fly

After a battle between log jams, we finally netted my largest bowfin taken on a fly. Having the privilege to target and sometimes hold these prehistoric marvels is something we cherish. I will remember this particular bowfin forever.

I was using a Gloomis IMX Pro 8810-1 and the Scientific Anglers Bass Bug Taper WF8F, the short aggressive taper is perfect for short “pop” shots in tight quarters with large flies. Highly recommended for targeting bowfin.
Angler and article from Corey Haselhuhn @castinglifeaway, the Sales Manager at @schultzoutfitters.

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