A note from Clare Lyons:

“I have fly fishing property that is fed by a 4k gallon per minute spring. We have 6 ponds fed by the spring. I was checking the outlet of this pond when I pulled up in the farm truck, I believe this mouse jumped out of the engine compartment. I noticed it running along the rocks at the edge of the pond. I pulled my phone out to shoot a quick video. As I leaned down to video him, he bailed off the rocks and into the pond and started swimming. I thought this might get interesting… The trout in this pond were released there 4 years ago as fingerlings and are pretty aggressive with anything that happens to get in the pond. The mouse didn’t make it far before finding that out. I was lucky enough to be filming it happen. I’ve seen it happen with wood duck ducklings a few times but wasn’t able to film it.”

Instagram reel from Clare Lyons, be sure to visit his page at @clarelyonsflyfishing. 

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