A note from Luis Trevino (@luistrutta):

“It was a beautiful day as my daughter Kendall and I set out for a day of fly fishing on the local river. We had been planning this day for a couple weeks and were excited to spend some quality time together in nature. As we waded into the river, we could see the browns swimming right around our feet just under the surface. Kendall was determined to catch her first brown trout, and I was eager to help her achieve that.”

“After an hour or so of missed hook sets, the bobber dunked once again and the line went tight. She had finally hooked up and the rest was history. I helped her manage the slack and get the fish to the reel. At that point I knew the moment needed documented so I pulled the camera out to record and with some kid friendly instruction, we were able to sway the fight in our favor to eventually net her first brown trout! The moment was picture perfect. We both gained a core memory that day. On our trek back to the truck at the end of this day I remember Kendall kissed my hand and thanked me for taking her fishing. It was so precious I nearly teared up. The privilege of being a father is something unique and special. I am incredibly proud of Kendall.”

Angler Story of the Week from Luis Trevino, be sure to follow Luis on Instagram @luistrutta. To all the fly fishing dads out there, thank you for being our mentors, our partners in exploration, and our best friends on the water. Happy Father’s Day!

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