A note from Luyen Chou:

“Every late winter and early spring along the Atlantic shoreline, saltwater fly anglers anxiously await the arrival of migratory fish, like striped bass. Here on Long Island, New York, the first fish are typically taken in the bays and estuaries, where the water warms up quickly.

On a warm afternoon this week, I made my first scouting trip of the year out on the local flats looking for signs of life and blind casting to likely water. I was thrilled to get a tug on my first cast. The fish eagerly took a small, olive flatwing, and immediately made a few spectacular jumps. I realized almost immediately that this wasn’t a bass or a bluefish. it looked more like a trout or salmon or even a ling cod. I reluctantly released the fish, but my friend got a quick snap. Warming waters have brought all sorts of new species into our local fishery, but for the life of me I still can’t figure out what this fish was!” 

Angler Story of the Week from Luyen Chou, be sure to follow his fishing endeavors on Instagram (@finandfly). Happy April Fools from the Flylords Team! 

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