A note from Randal Betz Jr. (@flyfishdelawhere):

“When I approach trout water, I take a few moments to observe my surroundings. I’m looking for bug activity to influence me to choose the right fly. I’ll spend time crouched down in line with the water’s edge, looking to match the hatch. Occasionally, I’ll notice bees and wasps walking on the rocks or pollinating a wild flower hanging off the bank.

I don’t tempt fate when I’m on the water, so I’ll take it as a sign, scrummage through my fly box for a terrestrial bee/wasp pattern and tie it on. I present this pattern the same way I present a caddis dry fly. I wiggle my rod tip, creating micro motion through the fly line, into the tippet and forcing the bee/wasp fly to flutter. The flutter imitates a bug in distress and the trout can’t resist it.

I challenge you to cast a similar pattern, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that sometimes, trout like terrestrials on the spicy side.”

Angler Story of the Week from Randal Betz Jr., be sure to follow him on Instagram at @flyfishdelawhere. 

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