A note from Nate Burr:

“We were a couple miles from the end and to be honest I was tired and about ready to be done. I had the guys fish a flat that sometimes holds good fish. Clouds had rolled and although we were fishing shallow water we couldn’t see below the surface with the glare. Chads dry ripped under water and straight up stream under my oar. I knew pretty instantly that this was a big trout. I spun the boat around so Chad was facing upstream and the fish continued to rip upstream, then it jumped. No one said a word after the jump. The fish was almost to backing when it turned and came right at us. I started rowing hard backwards so Chad could keep tension on the fish. It went under the boat and straight into an undercut grass bank. Somehow Chad coaxed the fish off that bank and weaved it around a snag. The fish came up close to the boat and I could see it was on the #18 on 4.5x. It layed over for just a split second and I almost went out of the boat extending to net it. The fish rolled perfectly into the net and we all started screaming. I’ve grown up on the south fork and guided it for the last 7 years and I have never personally seen a fish of that caliber. It was an incredible moment to have one in the net.”

Follow Nate on Instagram @flyynathan  and guiding for the Teton Valley Lodge.

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