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Amazon Prime Day has arrived and for those of you with an Amazon Prime membership, now is the time to cash in on some pretty epic deals on some pretty epic gear. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or trying to cash in on some early gifts for an angler in your life, we thought we’d share the deals we’re most excited about so you can save on the gear you need! Check them out:

Smith Creek Accessories


You may not be familiar with the brand itself, but you’ve likely seen these handy accessories hanging off your guide’s vest or in the fly shop. They’re always clutch when you need them, and won’t break the bank!

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FRM Boards – Fly Fishing Belly Boat

If you’re looking for your next float tube or a way to access Stillwater fishing around you, a belly boat is the easiest and most portable means of doing that.

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Collapsable Wading Staff

Wading staffs arent just for pops or that old angler pushing deep into the river, they’re a great way to keep yourself safe whenever you’re wading, or if you need that extra bit of traction to close the distance between you and that riser sitting in the far seam.

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Leader and Tippet Deals

Who doesn’t love saving some cash on the most used pieces of tackle in their fly fishing pack? While they may not be the top brand in the game, if you’re looking to save some cash and maximize your Prime Day savings, these will do the trick!

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Telescoping Hook Remover

A good hook remover is one of the most underrated items that should belong in every fly angler’s kit. It’ll save the day (and the fish’s life) if you have a fish hooked deep and even eliminates the need to remove a fish from the water to release it, ultimately reducing handling time and fish stress!

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Foam Dry-Dropper Holder Kit

If you’re anything like us, you know that keeping dry-dropper setups rigged and ready to go reduces rigging time and makes matching the hatch a breeze while on the water. This box of foam rings makes keeping your dry-droppers rigged and ready simple. All you need to do is wrap them up on each spool the night before and you’re ready for the water!

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If you haven’t already, Join Amazon Prime and dig around through these deals before they’re gone until next year’s Prime Days!

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