Almost three weeks after the catastrophic and fiery derailment of a train carrying hazardous materials, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates that over 43,000 fish have died as a direct result.

The ODNR worked with EnviroScience INC. to collect this data on the dead fish. According to agency director Mary Mertz, officers have been on-site every day since the disaster. Approximately 38,000 minnows and 5,500 ‘other types’ were found dead within a 5 mile radius of the derailment and chemical spill site. None of the species were identified as threatened or endangered. No terrestrial animal deaths were recorded as of Thursday, February 23rd. Officials stated that most of the fish have been removed from the contaminated areas. ODNR claimed that they will continue to survey the environmental impact of the spill throughout clean-up efforts. There is no estimate for the recovery time or long term effects from this incident.

The full update from ODNR can be viewed below.

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